Abdullah Verachia



Having presented and consulted in over 60 cities globally, Abdullah Verachia has been recognised as a leading speaker, disruptor, strategist and thought leader on strategy, innovation and disruption.

Having served in senior executive and board roles, crafted competitive strategies for leading companies and governments around the world, lectured at some of the top ranked business schools and built and run successful companies, Abdullah fuses practice, education, insight and experience into a beautiful tapestry.


Abdullah is highly regarded for having facilitated strategy sessions for leading multinational companies, leading international executive programmes, as well as presenting on a range of topics globally.


Having presented extensively both locally and internationally, Abdullah’s speaking topics include:


Abdullah has experience in an array of sectors including banking, mining, finance, asset management, construction, insurance, legal, audit, FMCG, retail and automotive. Some of the clients Abdullah has spoken to include:

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Looking forward to insightful conversations together!

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Abdullah Verachia

Reset, Rewire and Reimagine Everything Relevance, agility and adaptability in a COVID-19 world

Bespoke insights based on Abdullah’s upcoming book titled Reset, Rewire and
Reimagine Everything

Abdullah does this talk virtually as well

The year 2020 can be classified as the most disruptive in the last 50 years. COVID- 19 has impacted every facet of society. This talk looks at how to reset, rewire and reimagine everything in 2020 and beyond.

COVID-19 has disrupted every geography and sector around the world. This talk unpacks all these changes and then looks at the trends that will shape our world in the 10 years. It also provides deep insight into how individuals and companies can adapt to this changing context.

Elements covered in this talk:

  • The landscape in the world over the rest of 2020 and the mega shifts beyond this.
  • Political, economic, social, societal, technological and other shifts and the impact on your organisation.
  • Trends that will impact the next 10 years. Mega shifts that will emerge and how to respond to them.
  • A granular view on the future of sectors, industries and business models. These insights are based on deep strategy work globally as well as Abdullah’s work in his forthcoming book.
  • Unpacking the now and the next. How do companies reposition strategy in The Now and the Next.
  • The future of work.
  • Agility and adaptability. How to adapt and thrive in this new context with personal insights to leaders.

Feedback on this talk:

“We were overwhelmed by the impact of COVID-19 on our business and our staff. You talk provided context, understanding and a toolbox to navigate this complex landscape. You are an absolute gem and we are truly grateful. Thank you Abdullah”

“Abdullah that was magical. As we all caught up in 2020, you bring to life how this will change so much of our world. BRILLIANT!!!”

“I love your work on The Now and Next. Its is practical yet strategic. You applied it directly to our industry and context which made it super special. Your insight into how the coronavirus will impact so many sectors and your rich perspective on so many sectors is brilliant. I am so glad to have invited you.”

Abdullah Verachia

Disruption, disintermediation and digital. Crafting competitive strategy in a complex and rapidly evolving environment.

“We are moving into a discontinuous, disruptive, digital world, underpinned by rapid disintermediation and sector shifts. This compels us to explore new ways to drive growth and competitiveness of firms and organisations.” – Abdullah Verachia

A bespoke and beautifully presented view of disruption in the global economy as well as the impact of this on sectors and companies. Abdullah argues that digital is the enabler rather than the differentiator. It’s companies who can amplify “human moments” iterate strategy and innovate for their end users, and really delight customers that will be successful in an exponential world.

This talk provides an incredibly powerful view on the rapidly evolving external environment and how the changing political, economic, technological, digital and regulatory landscapes are disrupting the world of business as we know it.

Deep insights based on strategy work with leading global multinationals, industry thought leaders and organisations in an array of sectors.

This talk focuses on how disruption is impacting all sectors and gives nuanced and granular view on the winners and losers in various sectors The session ends with making sense of the hype and crafting effective strategies for companies and individuals.

“True disruption means threatening your existing product line and your past investments. Breakthrough products disrupt current lines of businesses.” Peter Diamandis

Feedback on this talk:

“WOW!!! Unbelievable. You took us on a journey that I didn’t want to end. However what I loved is how your translated this journey into our world, and provided a practical view for us as company and also for us as individuals.”

“Finally a speaker with depth on disruption, with practical insight, with experience and with masterful, humorous and impeccable delivery. Please come work for us”

Abdullah Verachia

Thinking exponentially – Building the mindset that will get you to navigate an exponential world

How do you build a globally competitive mindset around absorptive capacity, innovation, adaptability and agility to remain relevant and competitive in this new world.

Abdullah Verachia

Customised trends and strategy insight for your sector and your company

Abdullah strategy work in an array of sectors allows him the opportunity to deeply customise a talk to your industry, your strategy and your customer context.

Abdullah Verachia

Reimagine everything: Innovation, creativity and the art of exponentiality

Your business model, your ways of working, your clients and your future. Reimagine how you think of client challenges and new opportunities. This talks demystifies innovation and provides an incredible perspective on building exponential organisations. A look at how innovation and creativity has propelled the most successful companies and why it’s a pre-requisite for companies in the future.

The talk ends with you can reimagine your company and your own innovation mindset.

Feedback on this talk:

“I cannot thank you enough for the last 18 months. You came in, when innovation was a word, and you left with innovation as a culture and part of our DNA. You have re-energised the organisation. We have already implemented projects from the first CE challenge, with fantastic ROI.”

“Keep up the incredible work and the passion for innovation as the oxygen to strategy. Why cant everyone think this way.”

Abdullah Verachia

Beyond the headlines: A real view on South Africa

“Abdullah’s presentation on the country gives a real, accurate and truly special view of South Africa and how to navigate the landscape”

The South African landscape is filled with a significant amount of hype. This presentation gives a contextually relevant and nuanced view of South Africa and cuts through the “noise” to give a real view of South Africa.

Opportunities and value creation in South Africa.

What is the landscape like post election.

Navigating and crafting competitiveness in the SA landscape.

Tools with which to navigate government, business, civil society and the broader South African landscape.

Abdullah Verachia

Making sense of the noise:

The hashtags that will shift our year and the so what and now what. A powerful look at the political, socio-economic, technological and business trends that will impact our year and beyond.

Abdullah Verachia

Trends and Generation Z: Is your sector attuned to a new customer and new employee base.

Do you understand the next generation of customers and employees?
Does your company have a coherent strategy to tap into this market?

  • What does the future of your organisation look like without a proper understanding of the youth market?
  • Generation X and Y and Generation Next: What does this all mean for your organisation? How do they do things differently? What makes them tick?
  • How do you integrate young people into your organisation as employees?
  • Which brand and marketing strategies work for young people?
  • How does the youth unemployment challenge affect you and your organisation?
  • Case studies of global companies who have effectively tapped into the youth market.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CoA5ORHlTNw
  • Designed “The Playground”– A facilitated session engaging with 10 – 20 diverse, different and very dynamic young people to help understand the relevance of your brand and products amongst young people. A journey that will change the way your company sees and understands young people and how to segment and tap into this market.

“Born into a post-internet world, Generation Z are high-speed, mobile and digitally adept. Connected from our homes and our handsets, we’re the next generation, poised to change the world!” – Amelia Abraham